Our Story

Varlion was founded back in 1993 and has its roots in Argentina and Spain. Right from the start, Varlion has enabled players and enthusiasts with revolutionary padel gear.


Our Mission

Staying Consistent, by being the best

Our mission has always been to produce first-class rackets. We have developed the very manufacture of padel rackets, which is the basis for us being able to maintain our world-leading position in the sport.

Our Journey

Since 1993


Felix Regalia

Established in 1993 in Argentina by Felix Regalia. We quickly opened a factory in Buenos Aires to produce high-quality padel rackets. In 1995, the "Lethal Weapon" was created, which became very popular. In 1999-2001, the factory moved to Spain to focus on technology, resulting in the release of the "Lethal Weapon Carbon".


The Future Of Padel

The Revolution Never Ends

We stay ahead of our competitors through our innovations, and provide players with the same competitive advantage.